Dental SEO Services

Running your own dental practice can be quite a challenge.

You’ve got to manage your staff, make sure everything is in working order, assess your patient's, provide appropriate treatment plans, and you also need to continue to get more patients through the door.

With any dental practice you need to focus on the main aspects of your business – taking care of the dental needs of your patients – but you also need to focus on the business side of things as well.

For most dentists, this is the tricky part.

How can you get a consistent stream of leads and patients coming through your door?

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Without leads and patients visiting your practice it’s hard to keep your business afloat. In today’s fast-paced society it’s becoming increasingly difficult to catch people’s attention and get them to take notice of you and your practice.

Some of the marketing platforms you might have used a few years ago aren’t as relevant or as effective these days.

When marketing isn’t your primary business, you need to focus on platforms which are highly effective and targeted towards your audience.

These days, most people look for health and medical information online, including information on dentists.  

77% begin their search for a dentist at a search engine, be that Google or Bing.

Search Engines?

Here are just some of the facts you should know about.  

52% of those who own smartphones claim to have looked for dental information online through their phones.  

74% of adults claim to use the internet regularly, and of them, 80% say they search online for specific information on health, details of various diseases, and treatments.

34% claim to read other people’s commentary or experience about a dental issue or service and 25% have seen online videos on dental issues.

Want Proof?

No doubt you have been burned by SEO companies in the past. 

So here are several case studies with proof of phone calls and patients generated in highly competitive cities:

Let us help you take “getting new patients” off your to-do list.