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As a dentist, your no doubt aware that people are scared of you.

We know, that’s completely unreasonable, but it is just a fact.

75 percent of the adults in the United States expressed a fear of dental work – or dental phobia – ranging from mild to severe.

Around 5 to 10 percent of the adults who have dental phobia try to avoid going to a dentist at all costs.  

What can you do as a dentist to dispel these unwarranted fears?

These days, most people look for health and medical information online, including information on dentists and health professionals.  

77 percent began their search for a dentist at a search engine, be that Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Do you think their fear of going to a dentist will go away once they come across you on the internet and see you for the nice and friendly professional dentist you are?

We certainly think so!

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Dental Strategies

Search Engines?

Here are just some of the facts you should know about.  

52 percent of those who own smartphones claim to have looked for dental information and info on health services online through their phones.  

Is your official website really mobile friendly?

This is very important.

74 percent of adults claim to use the internet regularly, and of them, 80 percent say they search online for specific information on health, details of various diseases, and treatments.

34 percent claim to read other people’s commentary or experience about a dental issue or service.  

25 percent have seen online videos on dental and health related issues.

Online Reviews? 

Don’t fret too much if you need more online reviews from satisfied and happy patients.  

Yes, there is a lot you should do, and can do, to make your dental practice more accessible to people searching for it online, as well as much more appealing.  

You will have to use social media more effectively as well and get people to like and follow you.

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Dental SEO Marketing
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