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Protect #1 Ranking

How to Protect a #1 Ranking (When Your Pesky Competitors Are Trying to Take You Down)

You reached the pinnacle of SEO—the coveted #1 position. Time to rest on your laurels and watch the traffic roll in each and every month, right?

Bounce Rate of Website

Why Visitors Bounce: 5 Reasons Customers Leave Your Site (And Never Come Back)

When a user bounces, you are really losing three things: 1) you lose leads, 2) you lose revenue due to a lack of leads, 3) you lose company sponsored lunches due to a lack of revenue.

Local Business Websites

Why Local Businesses Will Need Websites More than Ever in 2019

As local brands and their marketers watch Google play Trojan horse, shifting from top benefactor to top competitor by replacing former “free” publicity with paid packs, Local Service Ads, zero-click SERPs, and related structures, it’s no surprise to see forum members asking, “Do I even need a website anymore? ”

Google Ranking Factors

100+ Google SEO Success Factors, Ranked

SEO Success Factors are those elements you can take action on to improve your rankings, traffic, and visibility in Google search. Many Success Factors—but not all—are based on ranking factors, and a number of them deliver bigger results than others.

Local Consumer Review Survey 2018

2018 Local Consumer Review Survey

Welcome to this year’s Local Consumer Review Survey! We’ve compiled the latest trends in online business reviews, giving you all the statistics you need to develop your online reputation management strategy for local businesses in 2019.

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