13 easy marketing ideas / One little word / Hiring an SEO vendor / 4 Google Ads hacks / LinkedIn

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...I personally hand-picked these online marketing articles to keep you up to date and help you get ahead for Jan. 24, 2019

13 Easy Marketing Ideas

13 Easy Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses (That Won’t Break The Bank)

Here are some ideas and tactics for small to medium‐sized businesses that don’t have the luxury of a huge budget. We’ve used all of these ourselves with success.

Start Saying No

How This One Little Word Will Change Your Life

The moment I stopped saying yes, things started to change. I started to make more money, my customers were happier, people stopped trying to walk all over me, and my team members were happier with me.

Hiring SEO Vendor

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Hiring an SEO Vendor

Unfortunately, I gained this knowledge from hard-earned experience – by having a few run-ins with unqualified, unreliable SEO vendors.

Google Ads Targeting Hacks

4 Google Ads Targeting Hacks to Slash CPCs in 2019

If you aren’t careful, Google Ads can quickly cost an arm and a leg. And if you haven’t optimized your audience targeting and ad creation, you’ll be paying for tons of clicks that result in nothing. Nada.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Are Your Prospects or Referral Partners on LinkedIn?

Learn how you can have a MINIMUM of 3-5 QUALIFIED, EXCLUSIVE leads coming directly to your inbox every week...and we do all the work for you!

13 easy marketing ideas / One little word / Hiring an SEO vendor / 4 Google Ads hacks / LinkedIn
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