10 website tips / Content marketing ROI / Successful PPC / 10 types of content / Your website’s “best friend”

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...I personally hand-picked these online marketing articles to keep you up to date and help you get ahead for Feb. 14, 2019

Small Business Website Tips

10 Small Business Website Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the 10 proven tips that will help take you from ‘I need a website’ to ‘my website does wonders for my business.’

Content Marketing ROI

Content Marketing ROI Is Not Immediate But Here’s Why That’s Okay

You might not see any traction on your blog after the first month or two or even three of publishing. But then you start getting a few hits. Then you make your first sale, and the prospect says to you “yeah, my colleague forwarded one of your blog posts to me.”

Build a Successful PPC Program

Why You Can't Build a Successful PPC Program in Just a Few Hours

The argument goes like this: SEO takes time to ramp up. You aren’t going to get on the first page of Google overnight. In contrast, you can launch a PPC program, throw up an ad, and have revenue coming in the door within just a few hours. Ka-ching! If only it were that easy!

10 Types of Content Marketing

10 Types of Content that Actually Work (Without Wasting Your Time)

This post is about 10 types of content that work. You’ll get data on each type of content, what makes it effective (or not), and how to decide what content you need in the first place.

Link Building for Your Website SEO

Why Link Building Is Your Website's "Best Friend" for Small Business SEO

Link building is still the single most relevant factor in determining the search engine ranking of a website. Find out why...

10 website tips / Content marketing ROI / Successful PPC / 10 types of content / Your website’s “best friend”
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