Google Ads PPC Case Study Dentist

Company Goals

This dental practice had never advertised on Google Ads before, and they wanted to see if PPC could help them gain more patients. 

With an Average Customer LTV of $8,000 and an Average Closing Rate of 15-25%, the client expressed a desire to achieve a Target CPL of $400. 

The Build

While there was no existing data in this account, our extensive experience in the dental industry allowed us to put together a thorough campaign. 

We were able to pool together the data we’ve gathered from similar dental practices in order to target the highest-quality keywords while simultaneously excluding search terms that never convert well for dentists. 

After customizing the keywords to match the specific location, services, and hours, we then put together some copy that highlighted what was unique about the dental practice. 

Putting together the ad copy for this account was super fun because both the spa-like experience of the dentist office and the awesome documented results were both great selling points that we were confident would convert straight out of the gate. 

Dentist PPC Case Study

Launch & Optimization

Our experience working with other dental practices really paid off with this account, as we were able to obtain immediate results and quickly optimize the account in order to increase conversions while simultaneously decreasing the cost/conv. 

In fact, the numbers here are a little misleading, as we were actually able to obtain way more leads than Google was able to track. 

The reason for this discrepancy is that Google does not currently record call conversions that come from location extensions. 

In the case of this account, 40% of our leads came from location extensions, so we had to formulate a suitable way of reporting our success to the client. 

The way we did was this to provide a detailed call-log of every phone call that the client received through Google Ads, which was a solution that the client was very happy with.


During the month of January, we were able to achieve 74 leads with a CPL of $17.94 (well below the initial Target CPL of $400) and the client was so pumped about these results that they expressed a desire to explore other PPC advertising platforms. 

Starting in February, this dental practice started advertising on Facebook with killer results. 

As is often the case, success in one advertising platform encourages a client to want to advertise in other advertising platforms, thereby increasing their revenue. 

We’re always super excited to be a part of that journey.

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