Dental Marketing Ideas: 5 Proven Ways to Get More Patients

The hardest part of being a dentist is getting new patients.

You are probably an amazing dentist but without new patients your practice will ultimately dry up.

To help you out I created the visual below to outline how to attract more leads:


1. Local SEO

What good is a website if nobody can find you?

Make sure your website is properly structured and optimized with the right keyword search terms.

Then claim your Google My Business listing and complete it with your business info and images.

Google My Business Setup

Proceed to sign up for the top 40 local listings like Yelp, Dex, Angie’s List & others to help boost your Google My Business Rankings.

A great and easy way to do this is through Bright Local’s aggregator service.

2. Reviews

Getting reviews on your Google My Business & Yelp page will help increase your conversions.

If people are happy with your service, they’ll most likely be happy to leave a review, you just need to ask!

Google My Business Reviews

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook has recently launched a new advertising platform called Local Awareness Ads.

Facebook Local Awareness Ads

These ads are perfect for local dentists who are looking to draw more local foot traffic into the business because it allows you to set a local radius around your business and only target people in the area!

4. Patient Reminders

Do you want to cut down the number of cancellations each month?

Programs such as DemandForce and SolutionReach can decrease that number – with features like automatic text message & email reminders.

Appointment RemindersBut they come at a cost.

Of course, you could do it the old-fashioned way too 😉

5. High Converting Website

Most dentists overlook this…

But your website is the face of your business online, and if you don’t have it setup properly to convert you are leaving money on the table every day.

How much money?

A website optimized for conversations will generate as much as 3 times as many patients per month!

Here is an example website we created which converts well:

Kakar Dental Group

So what are you Waiting for?

Want to take your dental marketing and practice to the next level?

Then whole-heartedly apply a few of these strategies and soon you’ll start seeing your efforts pay off because these dental strategies work.

Want us to help since you have a practice to run? Just reach out here.

Want More Patients? Download Our 5 Strategies Guide Instantly!

5 Dental Strategies

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