10 Essential Local SEO Tips To Help Your Business Thrive

10 Essential Local SEO Tips to Help Your Business Thrive Online

Do you want more local customers?

Do you know that local SEO is something you need to be concentrating on?

You're not alone.

There are thousands of businesses thinking the same thoughts and looking for a little direction.

This has led me to creating my own list of the 10 essential local SEO tips to help your business thrive online.

Whether your starting a business or have been running one for years these tips will help.  

Take a look at our infographic and read the summary below:

Local SEO Tips

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Below is a summary of the infographic:

1. Keywords

Keywords are still extremely important when working on your Local SEO.  

You need to know what your prospects are searching for and write content tailored around those search phrases.  

The best tools I have found for keyword research are KW Finder and the Google Keyword Planner.

2. Create Engaging Content

SEO and content marketing go together, but it is easier said then done right?

Think about questions your customers are asking and create content answering those questions.  Still struggling with content ideas?

Go to Buzzsumo and enter in a topic.  

It will let you know the most shared content on social media for last year.  

If you need to, hire content writers to turn out great SEO optimized blog posts on a weekly basis.

3. Create a Page for Each Location 

Putting all your locations on one page of your website is not good for local SEO.  

You need to create a separate page for each location optimized with targeted title tags, descriptions, and content for that specific geo-location. 

4. Local Listings

You MUST claim & fully complete your profiles on Google My Business, Bing Local, Yelp, and other local listing sites.

You can check to see which local listings sites you are already on by using Moz Local.

5. NAP Citations

Citations are “mentions” of your NAP (name, address, and phone number) on the web.

You need to get at least 30 to 50 citations with the correct NAP.  

But don't go overboard trying to get every seo citation to match exactly. As long as they are close Google will understand.

6. Customer Reviews

Reviews are the easiest and most profitable way to grow your business. 

I am sure within the last week you were influenced by an online review yourself.

Focus on 2 to 3 review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, or Facebook and encourage reviews by linking to your review profiles from your website and asking customers directly. We do this at our SEO company in Atlanta.

7. Don’t Over-Optimize

Remember tip #1?  

"Well, don't go overboard and put your keywords in every sentence of your web page or blog post" states Badger SEO & Digital Marketing

When optimizing your site sprinkle in the keywords a couple times so it flows and makes sense.  

8. Mobile Searches

Make sure you have a mobile-friendly website.  

Go on your phone and look up your site just like your customers would.  

Is it easy to navigate?

9. Social Media

Your business needs a social presence and the profiles should be optimized for search.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are good places to start.  

These profiles are usually the ones that show up first when prospects search for your brand online.

10. Images and Videos

Most people love to look at images and videos, plus they are great for local SEO. 

Use them on your website, local listings and social media to engage your prospects.  

Make sure they are optimized with local keyword terms as well

Have another Local SEO Tip you want to share?  Leave a comment below and share this post with your friends, followers, or connections.  It would be much appreciated!

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10 Essential Local SEO Tips To Help Your Business Thrive

17 thoughts on “10 Essential Local SEO Tips To Help Your Business Thrive”

    1. Justin Herring

      Hey Aaron,

      It is becoming more competitive, but if you have the right techniques in place you can dominate.

    1. Reviews are the new word of mouth recommendations. They are hard to get if you don’t have a system in place specifically asking for them, but if you do most clients are willing to give a review.

  1. Hey Justin – thanks for the seo tips. Reviews and generating referrals are a real weakness for us. Maybe you can do a future article on this topic.

    Thanks again – a lot of good, usable info for us here.


  2. Well, I like the way you describe the tips in the form of images. It’s really amazing and anyone can understand it easily. Thanks for sharing such amazing tips for local business owners

  3. Great post. The Infographic just make reading your tip so much easier. Appreciate it for sharing such great tips for business owners.

  4. Well, I like the way you describe the tips in the form of images. It’s really amazing and anyone can understand it easily. Thanks for sharing such amazing tips for local business owners

  5. Woo! Many useful tips, with the web becoming more competitive as the days go by it is important to be up to date and up to date with all the SEO tricks.

    Thanks for sharing!

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