Some Handy Tips for Succesful Search Engine Optimization in 2016

The way local search engine optimization is to be practiced by businesses from Atlanta and beyond has changed quite a bit since last year. For 2016, those intending to launch a local SEO strategy now have to contend with Google’s Pigeon algorithm update. Some industries might need to churn out localized content while others may need to proliferate additional social interaction within their local areas. Either way, businesses should align their strategies with the update for success, or not at all.

Search Engine Optimization

Which changes have been implemented? For one, the Pigeon update changed Google’s understanding of local queries significantly—to the point that the appearance and order of so-called “geo-localized” queries suddenly changed. As a result, a good number of companies saw their sites rank lower in favor of local directories like Yelp and TripAdvisor; a situation particularly affecting employment, insurance, and real estate websites.

Optimizing the Home Page Can Yield Wonders

In order to navigate Google’s rule changes, one needs to recognize the crucial role of a website’s home page in their local SEO strategy. The homepage is vital since it’s the page most local listings will link to. Due to that, it’s also one of the main things visitors will see first, and almost everyone knows about the power of first impressions even on the Web. In order to optimize a homepage, one simply needs to include as much relevant information as possible, like telling people they’re in the right place or that the site is offering exactly what they’re looking for.

Social Media is a Lurking Booster

One critical mistake a number of companies make online is creating loads of different pages on social media, yet failing to be active on them. The key component to successfully using social media is timeliness—if kept stale, pages will do little to no good. If done right, social media platforms offer an excellent way to keep customers informed about a company’s offerings, as well as a method for them to stay engaged.

You Can’t Do it All on Your Own

There’s no shame in seeking professional help, more so in creating higher-quality web content or simply saving heaps of time. Outsourcing is a great step to take to boost one’s local SEO efforts: bringing in writers (for blog posts), paying for directory listing creation, or seeking brand optimization services from firms such as YEAH! Local which offer expert SEO services around the Atlanta area can all make a huge difference in the long run.

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